AKSUM Accounting & Payroll is a modern accountancy office based on traditional values. We provide our services not only to small business entities, but also large and well-established companies.

Accounting outsourcing comprises such areas as keeping accounting books, as well as revenue and expense ledgers; drawing up monthly income statements and settling taxes, preparing balance sheet as well as profit and loss accounts, and management reports. We summarise our annual work for clients by drawing up a financial statement reflecting their financial standing. With the online access to accounting books, you have a full and ongoing control over any and all accounting operations undertaken in your company.

Accounting outsourcing includes the following services:

1. Maintenance of Accounting Books
  • entry of accounting documents to the client’s accounting register in accordance with any internal policies;
  • preparation of accounting journals reflecting any economic operations;
  • preparation of VAT registers;
  • recording of fixed assets (inventory book);
  • analysis and control of settlements;
  • preparation of trial balances;
2. Preparation and Submission of Income Statements
  • drawing up information on a monthly or quarterly advance Corporate Income Tax (CIT) payment;
  • drawing up information on a monthly or quarterly advance Personal Income Tax (PIT) payment;
  • preparation of VAT returns on supplies of goods and services (VAT-7);
  • preparation of recapitulative statements (VATUE);
  • preparation of statements to the National Bank of Poland (NBP);
  • preparation of statements to the Main Statistical Office of Poland (GUS) (including KZ, DG-1, F-01);
3. Reporting
  • preparation of monthly profit and loss accounts and balances;
  • preparation of management reports in accordance with client’s requirements;
  • budgeting of costs and revenues as well as balance sheet items;
  • reporting on the budget implementation;
4. Financial Statements
  • preparation of financial statements (balance sheet, profit and loss account, statement of changes in equity, cash flow statement, notes to the financial statements) in accordance with the Accounting Act;
  • preparation of annual corporate income tax return (CIT-8);
  • drawing up an inventory of stocks by verifying settlement account balances and the standing of nominal accounts;
  • preparation of all the required year-end statements to the Main Statistical Office of Poland (GUS) and the National Bank of Poland (NBP);
  • preparation of other annual reports required by clients, including consolidated financial statements;

Payroll and HR Outsourcing consists in delegating the responsibility for the accuracy of payroll and personnel administration to a professional third party. Such a transfer of payroll and HR administrative tasks to an outsourcer results in greater efficiency of processes supporting client’s core business operations.

From any activities related to employing workers and co-workers, through their registration in relevant offices, to the calculation of wages and salaries, preparation of monthly and annual tax returns and social security premiums (ZUS), as well as payment of remuneration – we remove the burden of routine tasks from our clients, so that they can focus on their business operations. With remote access to our HR and payroll system, you are able to exercise an ongoing control over your company’s finances.

1. Payroll Outsourcing – Administration of Salaries and Wages
  • calculation of the amounts of remuneration for persons employed on the basis of employment contracts, resolutions and civil-law contracts;
  • preparation of monthly information for employees on the calculated remuneration;
  • calculation of public law liabilities related to remuneration and preparation of settlement statements to the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) and the State Fund for Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons (PFRON);
  • preparation of accounting information in form of a summary payroll considering individual management information requirements of a client;
  • settlement of accounts;
  • issuance of salary declarations;
  • preparation of payslips for employees;
  • preparation of annual tax returns and other statements: PIT 11, PIT 40, PIT 4R, PIT 8AR, ZUS IWA;
2. HR Outsourcing – Personnel Administration
  • maintenance and administration of employee’s personal files;
  • maintenance of employees’ leave cards as well as determination of holiday entitlement and limits, keeping records of any other absence from work;
  • monitoring the deadlines of any employment contracts which are due to expire, the validity of periodic health examinations and OHS trainings;
  • preparation of statements on human resource matters to the Main Statistical Office of Poland (GUS) as specified by relevant provisions of law;
  • preparation of monthly payroll documents necessary for ensuring the accuracy of accounting records;
  • registration and transfer of information to the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS);
  • issuance of work certificates;
3. Execution of Bank Transfers on Behalf of Clients
  • execution of wire transfers related to employees’ remuneration from an individual sub-account offered by our bank;
  • execution of wire transfers of public law liabilities (ZUS, PIT, PFRON) from an individual sub-account offered by our bank;


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